Sleep Apnea Dentistry in Ames, IA

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Ames, IA

Sleep apnea is a widespread sleep disorder that is marked with pauses in breathing during sleep. Your oral health can provide important clues about possible reasons for your sleep apnea condition. Our sleep apnea dentist in Ames, IA, is trained and experienced to address mild to moderate sleep disorders.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is categorized into a few different types, and the most common one is the Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). It is a serious sleep disorder which involves recurrent breathing interruptions throughout the night. While the gaps in breathing can last from a few seconds to minutes, they may occur 30 or more times an hour. OSA occurs when the tissue present at the back of the throat collapses and obstructs the airway. This reduces the quantity of oxygen delivered to organs such as the heart and brain.

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What Are Signs of Sleep Apnea?

Most individuals who have sleep apnea are completely unaware of their condition. If you are undergoing any of these symptoms, make sure to visit your dentist right away:

  • Persistent snoring (the most common sign of sleep apnea)
  • Daytime drowsiness
  • Waking up with a dry mouth or sore throat
  • Morning headaches

You may be recommended for a sleep study with a specialist in case of a severe sleep apnea condition.

Why Choose Us as Your Sleep Apnea Dentist in Ames, IA

When correctly identified, sleep apnea cure is very promising. Our Ames dentists treat sleep apnea patients using dental sleep appliances to help them get restful sleep. The dental sleep appliance is customized to offer the right fit for every individual patient. It is worn on both the upper and the lower teeth. The device works by pulling the bottom jaw forward. When the jaw is pulled forward, the tongue, which is the main obstacle to airway flow, is also pulled forward. This helps to keep the airway clear to boost the oxygen supply in sleep apnea patients.

To learn more about dental appliance therapy for sleep apnea, or to schedule your sleep apnea consultation, call us at 515-292-7262 or fill out the online appointment form today!