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About Scott McPherson, DDS

Comprehensive Family Dentistry located in Ames, IA

Scott McPherson

Scott McPherson, DDS is a skilled and practiced Doctor of Dental Surgery specializing in Comprehensive Family Dentistry. Dr. McPherson takes pride in providing all his patients with high-quality, comprehensive care at Campustown Dental in Ames, Iowa.

Should you ask his patients or colleagues about their experience with Dr. McPherson, they’d say he is unique in his ability to relate to patients and to explain things in a way that is relatable to them and their lives.

Patients see Dr. McPherson not only for his skill and expertise but because he’s also a relationship builder. Practicing dentistry for over 24 years, he has seen and treated many different types of cases.

Dr. McPherson chose to pursue his career path in dentistry because he has always been interested in and fascinated by science and medicine. His favorite parts about his job include his coworkers, building relationships with patients, and watching patients grow up. He has many young adult patients that he began seeing as children.

When he isn’t at the office, Dr. McPherson enjoys hunting, biking, cooking, grilling, archery, and hanging out with his dog, Rueger. Also, he is passionate about supporting Animal Rescue League and A Heinz 57.