Invisalign Treatment (Orthodontist) in Ames, IA

Straighten Your Smile

Invisalign braces are a clear alternative to traditional metal braces, for having your crooked or misaligned teeth straightened and gaining back your healthy and pearly smile. The treatment is so precise and unnoticeable that every 3 out of 4 adults with crooked teeth now choose these invisible/clear braces over traditional metal braces.

Ames dentist Campustown Dental offers trusted dental care near you and is an elite Invisalign provider with experience treating hundreds of cases.

Why Invisalign Over Metal Braces?

  • Invisalign braces are clear and transparent, almost invisible. Allowing you to be out and about, or visiting friends without any discomfort or embarrassment.
  • It doesn't hurt while chewing or talking.
  • Invisalign is comfortably fit to your teeth. This eliminates the chance of getting a gum related disease due to excessive or improper pressure at the gum line, like in case of metal braces.

Am I a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign clear braces can be used to treat and align in these cases:

  • Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gap in teeth
  • Overlapping teeth

As we strive to provide complete teeth care, we also include teeth whitening with Invisalign aligners to give you an even brighter smile.

Invisalign Maintenance is Effortless

Invisalign clear braces require very low effort on maintenance, which makes them especially great for teenagers. They can be taken off, brushed and cleaned, and easily put on again by yourself. So, unlike metal braces, you don't have to keep them on while eating, brushing, or flossing. This also allows to keep your teeth bacteria, cavity, and decay free during treatment.

The only added effort on your part is getting it changed at regular intervals. Usually, you'll have to change them every 2 weeks but that depends upon your teeth structure as well as the progression of your teeth in the desired position.

Teens and Invisalign

The most ideal clear braces for adults or teenagers can be ones which require low maintenance and do not compromise the appearance of your smile while wearing them. Invisalign braces also include a blue indicator tab that notifies you when they are worn, as well as when it's time to change them. Perfect for checking on whether your child or even you are wearing them regularly or not!

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