Endodontics in Ames, IA

Painless Extraction of Teeth

A root canal treatment is one of the best options to save your infected teeth. It is often believed to be a painful procedure; however, it is actually now pretty painless due to advances in dental technology. At Campustown Dental, we aim to provide the finest endodontic treatment in a compassionate and caring environment.

Root Canal Process

During the root canal procedure, we numb your tooth first, and then clean the infected area that is the root of the tooth or the nerve. The gap is then filled with a stable material and is sealed off. The tooth is then restored with a crown to ensure that it functions properly.

Quality Service by Experienced Professionals

Save Your Teeth Painlessly – endodontics

Our team includes qualified and experienced dental professionals who strive to provide unsurpassed quality in endodontic treatment. We first listen to your concerns, explain all the possible treatment options and answer all your questions before starting the treatment. You don’t need to be afraid at the dentist!

Our goal is to deliver exceptional endodontic care with the help of the latest dental equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to save and protect your teeth!

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