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Dental Anxiety Ames, IA

Dental Anxiety Treatment in Ames, Iowa

Are you scared of visiting a dentist? You are not alone!

Around 40 million Americans avoid visiting a dentist due to fear and anxiety as reported by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. According to a survey by the American Association of Endodontists, 80% of adults in the US fear dentists.

At Campustown Dental, we understand that most of our patients are scared of dental treatment, so we offer a number of dental anxiety treatment options to help our patients sit back, relax, and smile!

Reasons for Dental Anxiety

There are a number of reasons people fear visiting the dentists. Some of the common ones are:

  • Fear of needles or injections
  • Fear of the drill
  • Fear of blood and pain
  • Bad experience in the past
  • Embarrassment about poor dental hygiene or breath
dental anxiety Treatment in Ames, Iowa

Consequences of Dental Fear and Anxiety

Avoiding the dentist due to dental anxiety can lead to many dental problems in the future and prevent you from getting preventive dental care and achieving optimal dental health. A regular dental visit is essential to diagnose any dental problem that may become costly or painful down the road.

How We Help Patients with Dental Anxiety

At Campustown Dental, we help our patients get the dental care they deserve without feeling anxious and stressed. Our dental anxiety management techniques will make your dental visit comfortable and relaxing.

Our dentists first listen to your concerns and worries. They discuss your treatment options and steps they will take, so you can be aware of what to expect at each step of your treatment. They are happy to move at a pace you are comfortable with, so you can feel settled and relaxed.

How NuCalm® Helps Patients Ease Their Dental Anxiety

We offer many dental anxiety solutions to help our patients feel relaxed during their stay at our dental office. Our dental anxiety treatment options include NuCalm® - one of the effective ways that help you reduce stress, dental fear, and anxiety within a few minutes.

NuCalm® is a drug-free neuroscience technology that uses your body’s relaxation mechanisms to decrease anxiety. This innovative solution enhances your dental experience without any side effects.

How Much Does the NuCalm® Treatment Cost?

The NuCalm® treatment cost is included either in the cost of the dental procedure itself, or it is a $49 fee. NuCalm® is a cost-effective treatment option for dental anxiety. However, the cost varies and depends on many factors. Your dentist will help you know the exact Nucalm® treatment cost.

Is There Any Side Effect of the NuCalm® Treatment?

There are no side effects of the Nucalm® treatment. Most people tend to sleep better the night after they use it. They experience positive and relaxing effects of the treatment, such as reduced stress, increased energy, and improved mood. However, it’s important to talk to your dentist regarding any specific side effects.

If you are looking for a positive and anxiety-free dental experience in Ames, Iowa, our NuCalm® treatment and comforting dentists will help you get the best dental care in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Call us at 866-757-0057 to request an appointment.