Why Are Kids Often Afraid To Visit An Orthodontist?

Why Are Kids Often Afraid To Visit An Orthodontist?

For many children, a visit to the orthodontist is not something that they look forward to. Typically, it can be a scary experience that they will go through when the pain related to the dental problem becomes unbearable. Such fear of orthodontists and dental treatment is often a major hindrance to high-quality dental services. Research indicates that almost 16% of schoolchildren have a fear of orthodontists.

Hence, parents need to establish a friendly relationship between their children and the orthodontist in order to get rid of such fears and ensure that their children receive effective and efficient treatment.

The Following Are Common Fears That Children Have While Visiting An Orthodontist:

  • It may cause pain.

    No parent enjoys the discomfort and pain felt by their children at a dental treatment. Children tend to imagine the worst, and this prevents them from visiting an orthodontist. It is also possible that previous dental treatments may have left a negative impact on the children that can affect their views. Parents should acknowledge this and help their children overcome such issues.

  • The procedure of the treatment.

    A child has an innocent mind and can have many misconceptions regarding the treatment if they do not have complete information about it. The parents should meet with the best orthodontist near them to appropriately explain the process to their children and help them understand how smooth the procedure is.

  • Food may get stuck between their teeth.

    Some children can be very conscious about how they look. The fear of getting food stuck in-between their teeth and the problem being visible to people can get them very worried. Parents should educate their children about the kinds of foods that can cause problems if they have braces on their teeth.

  • Too embarrassed to show their braces.

    Dental anxiety can be extremely high in children once they have braces, as they would constantly think about how they will appear to other people. Parents should educate children about the benefits of such therapies and how braces will help them in the long run. To make it fun, they can ask their orthodontist to provide their children with colorful braces so that they do not feel embarrassed after wearing them.


The negative perceptions of children regarding their dentists and dental treatments can be changed if they are provided with the right information that can help them understand the benefits of treatments. Parents should assess their children's attitudes and work with them accordingly.

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