We Are with You in This Hour of HELP!

We Are with You in This Hour of HELP!

The coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak has been declared as a public health emergency that has led health fraternity to take additional precautions to combat the spread of infection. The American Dental Association has laid down guidelines and precautions to be followed to prevent the spread of infection. We are with you in this hour of need and strictly complying with the instructions laid down by the ADA and CDC to ensure you receive the best treatment for your dental health in a safe environment.

According to directives by the CDC, the dental staff is instructed to postpone non-essential dental procedures until they are no longer affected by contagious air-borne diseases. At Campustown Dental, we are only treating patients with dental emergencies and rescheduling all non-essential or regular dental procedures. We are strictly following our usual guidelines that comply with the CDC and ADA to stay safe during the COVID-19 outbreak and further preventing the spread of the virus by continuing these measures:

  • Providing personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, protective gowns, and eye protection to our dentists, associates, and staff.
  • Taking a detailed travel history and health report of patients before providing any treatment 
  • Not providing treatment to patients with a cough, respiratory infections, fever, or flu-like symptoms and referring them to a physician for screening symptoms of infections.
  • Disinfecting furniture, doors, handles, washrooms, and other frequently touched surfaces and objects
  • Not providing treatment to patients who have recently traveled to a foreign country.
  • Staying at home when sick and covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue and safely disposing of them
  • Washing hands regularly with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or a 1% hydrogen peroxide-based solution before each appointment 
  • Strictly practicing social distancing 
  • Using the rubber dam to minimize potential exposure to contagious agents
  • Evacuating dental procedures quickly that produce aerosol
  • Taking the temperature reading of each patient before providing treatment
  • Autoclaving dental equipment and handpieces
  • Removing all infectious objects from the waiting room and treatment area
  • Increasing intervals between appointments to minimize the spread of the virus
  • Avoiding social functions

We advise you not to ignore dental emergencies. If you have dental emergencies like a severe toothache, or wisdom tooth pain, swelling of your gums, persistent bleeding, trauma to the teeth or jaw, or any other dental problem that needs quick attention, contact Campustown Dental for treatment.

We are adopting effective measures to ensure the highest standards in dental hygiene. Staying well-informed and calm will help us provide you the best emergency dental care in this turbulent time.


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