10 Useful Tips to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

10 Useful Tips to Overcome Your Dental Anxiety

All of us are fearful of something. A few of us let that fear or phobia, impact each and every aspect of our lives. Fear of the dentist or anxiety about visiting the dentist is highly common for children and adults alike. Being afraid to visit the dentist can lead to delaying or avoiding your dental procedures. If anxiety stops you from getting dental treatments, there are some dental anxiety tips to help you cope.

What Is Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is defined as the apprehension, anxiousness or stress in a dental environment. It manifests itself in diverse ways, but specific concerns may differ from person to person. It may include mild to moderate cases, and frequently assumes a typical feeling of worry and fear when thinking about a future procedure. When dental anxiety is intense enough that it produces unreasonable fear and total rejection of visiting the dentist, it can be categorized as a dental phobia.

Symptoms of Dental Anxiety

You yourself may not even be aware of having a fear of going to the dentist, but if a few of these signs appear familiar, you may be suffering from dental anxiety:

  • Tension or trouble sleeping at night before a dental visit
  • Rising restlessness and anxiety while waiting at the dental office
  • Getting mentally disturbed and anxious when seeing dental instruments or dentists
  • Experiencing physical illness at the idea of a meeting for professional dental care
  • Panic or trouble breathing while undergoing your dental checkup

Causes of Dental Anxiety

There are numerous reasons why some of us experience dental anxiety and phobia. A few of the common factors include:

  • Previous painful or unfavorable experiences
  • Feeling hopelessness or loss of control in a dental office setting
  • Feeling ashamed of neglecting your teeth
  • Fear of being mocked about disregarding your teeth
  • Fear of injections or anesthetics side effects

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Tips to Manage Dental Anxiety

If you’re anxious about an approaching dental visit, follow these 10 dental anxiety tips to curb your anxiety:

  1. Consult with Dental Professionals- Talking about your dental anxiety helps to better understand what the procedure actually involves and helps you know what to anticipate.
  2. Share Your Fears with Your Dentist and Dental Personnel- Convey your anxiety so that they can help you by adapting the treatment according to your requirements.
  3. Listen to Your Favorite Music- Putting on your earphones during your appointment can help obstruct unwanted sounds.
  4. Ask Your Dental Hygienist to Apply a Numbing Agent- Request for a numbing gel or a local anesthesia to minimize pain sensations.
  5. Discuss Anti-Anxiety Medication with Your Dentist- They help minimize dental anxiety at the time of the appointment.
  6. Request Your Dentist to Show You the Monitor Screen- This allows you to view your x-rays and help you to understand your procedures properly.
  7. Get Someone You Rely On- Take along someone reliable with you to your appointment to make you feel at ease and reduce dental anxiety.
  8. Make It Early to Your Dental Meeting- By arriving early you are able to manage your stress by reading an interesting magazine in the waiting area.
  9. Use Hand Gestures to Interact with Your Dentist- When you feel uneasy, indicate to the dentist to provide some relief or stop the procedure.
  10. Focus on Having Regular and Slow Breathing- During dental procedures certain meditation techniques and concentrating on slow and regular breathing is helpful in minimizing stress levels.

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