How to Heal from a Dental Cavity

How to Heal from a Dental Cavity

Dental cavities, also called caries or tooth decay, is a common tooth condition. It is caused by various factors including incorrect brushing and flossing, consuming foods and beverages that are high in sugar, bacteria, and frequent snacking. If not timely addressed, it can lead to severe toothache, infection, and eventually, tooth loss.

Here are some ways to reverse cavities naturally and improve your oral health and hygiene.

1. Limit Your Sugar Intake

Sugary foods and beverages prevent a healthy flow of dental fluids and demineralize the teeth structure that creates tooth decay. For healthy and cavity-free teeth, you should use raw honey in your diet instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners.

2. Remove Phytic Acid

Phytic acid is a major enzyme inhibitor and mineral blocker, which is known to cause serious health problems like tooth cavities. It prevents mineral absorption from foods and degrades the essential minerals present in your bones, teeth, and body. Foods rich in phytic acid include beans, grains, seeds, nuts, and soy. You should consume them only after soaking and sprouting them.

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3. Consume Nutrient-Rich Foods and Raw Dairy

Raw dairy and foods that are rich in vitamins like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and minerals can contribute to good oral health. You can heal from a dental cavity with a diet that includes:

  • Raw or cooked vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Foods like avocado, fish or fermented cod liver oil, olives, and coconut oil
  • Bone broth, meat, and eggs
  • Fermented grains, raw flours, and bread
  • Raw dairies such as grass-fed butter, kefir, and cheese
  • Sprouted nuts, beans, and seeds
  • Foods rich in vitamin D

4. Use Mineralizing Toothpaste

Mineralizing toothpaste can help to replace the lost minerals and strengthen enamel. It gently polishes and whitens teeth while fighting against bacteria that cause tooth decay.

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5. Do Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an excellent oral detoxification procedure that can cure tooth decay and other dental problems. The best time for oil pulling is just after waking up in the morning. It is done by swishing a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. After spitting the oil, you should rinse your mouth with warm salt-water and finally, brush your teeth.

You can restrict your tooth damage by following these tips and taking proper care of your pearly whites. Call us today to learn about our dental cavity treatment, or to schedule an appointment with one of our dental experts.


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