Healthy Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Holiday

Healthy Tips for a Tooth-Friendly Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving is a good time to get together and reflect on everything you’re thankful for. Above all is the shared Thanksgiving meal, where you should avoid sugary and sticky treats; this should include healthy foods like pumpkin pie, turkey, and green vegetables. These foods promote strong gums and healthy teeth. After all, Thanksgiving is an important time to be grateful for your gorgeous smile and healthy set of teeth.

Here are a few preventative dental tips to follow for healthy teeth this Thanksgiving without giving up on too many of your much-loved dishes:

1. Appetizers

Appetizers like cheese and nuts contain calcium, minerals, and proteins that strengthen your tooth enamel and help prevent cavities. The calcium and minerals present in the nuts strengthen and re-mineralize teeth.  Also, chewing raw and crunchy vegetables produces extra saliva that rinses away bacteria, and help clean between the teeth.

2. Main Course

It has been proven that using sesame oil instead of mouthwash for rinsing your mouth not only reduces the effects of plaque but in some cases, also reverses the impact of gingivitis. Cook your favorite vegetables like green beans by stir-frying it in sesame oil to get a tasty side dish. You can garnish it with sesame seeds for extra crunch.

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3. Dessert

Serve thin slices of your favorite pear, arranged on a platter along with a dip made of plain Greek yogurt, honey and a pinch of freshly ground cinnamon. This simple yet tasty seasonal dessert contains calcium, phosphates, and acid neutralizers that help to strengthen and re-mineralize your teeth.

4. Beverages

Fluoride present in tap water reverses the damage to enamel produced by acids. Green and black tea destroy bacteria to fight cavities. Thus, preparing tea with tap water will help you reap a double benefit. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holidays without jeopardizing your oral health. Moreover, these tooth-friendly foods will also help you in improving your heart’s health and waistline. If you notice any dental problems, contact dentist near you ASAP.


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