ClearCorrect: Treatment Process, Eligibility, Cost and Duration

ClearCorrect: Treatment Process, Eligibility, Cost and Duration

Known as ‘invisible braces’, clear aligners are an almost unnoticeable option to correct your teeth alignment and improve your smile. While there are a lot of clear alignment treatments available, you should choose the one that suits your specific needs. Here is an overview of a highly popular clear aligner option-- ClearCorrect.

What is ClearCorrect?

This is an innovative teeth straightening method that works effectively using invisible, detachable, BPA-free plastic aligners. It offers an invisible and hassle-free solution to straighten your teeth without the use of wires and brackets. 

Treatment Process

ClearCorrect creates customized clear plastic trays, designed in the ClearCorrect lab, using impressions, pictures, and radiographs of your mouth along with the dentist’s prescription. The lab then makes an exact three-dimensional model of your teeth and formulates a treatment plan to correctly align your teeth. You will be recommended to wear the ClearCorrect trays 22 hours daily to allow your teeth gradually realign. The trays are detachable, so you can remove them while eating and brushing your teeth.

Who Is Eligible?

ClearCorrect effectively treats mild to complex problems of misalignment, overbites, underbites, and crossbites. This revolutionary treatment can also address issues of crowded teeth or gapped teeth as well as many other common orthodontic disorders in individuals of all ages. 

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Length of Treatment

It is crucial to understand that the treatment time for ClearCorrect is based on your unique condition, and can differ considerably from patient to patient. 

Most ClearCorrect patients get expected results in nearly 6 to 12 months. However, it may take longer for some individuals.

Treatment Cost

The ClearCorrect treatment cost depends on the magnitude of the misalignment and the length of the treatment needed to correct it. Most dental insurances generally cover it as a recognized dental treatment. Alternatively, many dental offices offer no-interest financing to extend the cost throughout the treatment.


ClearCorrect treatment offers convenience, aesthetics, and comfort. It is an effective procedure that enhances your smile if you follow the plan diligently under the constant supervision of your dentist. Want to learn more? Contact our leading Ames dentists.


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