15 Habits That Destroy Your Teeth

15 Habits That Destroy Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing is an essential part of oral hygiene which we religiously follow. However, certain habits and lifestyle choices can destroy and damage your teeth. 

Let’s talk about 15 habits that damage your oral health 

  1. Smoking 

    Chewing tobacco or smoking causes stains on your teeth, increases the chances of gum disease, and reduces saliva production, thereby increasing the risk of mouth odor. Tobacco also causes mouth cancer.

  2. Nail biting 

    Biting your nails causes chipping, cracking, or wearing down of your teeth. It also causes jaw dysfunction and can bring in harmful bacteria into your mouth.

  3. Sports drinks 

    Your favorite refreshing sports drink is filled with sugar and can leave an acidic coating on your teeth’s enamel. Use water to hydrate instead. 

  4. No mouthguard while playing sports 

    Playing your favorite sport, say hockey or football, without a mouthguard can result in chipped or cracked teeth, or even knock a tooth or two off. 

  5. Teeth grinding 

    Even subconsciously, grinding your teeth can cause premature wear and tear. Protect your teeth from damage by wearing a mouthguard at night.

  6. Coffee 

    Your favorite cup of coffee can stain your teeth and eventually turn them yellow and dull. Additionally, the sugar in your coffee can cause tooth decay.

  7. Chewing on ice 

    Stop chewing on ice, pens, or pencils. Non-stop chomping can damage the soft tissue of your teeth and cause toothaches. Chew on a piece of sugar-free gum instead. 

  8. Opening things with your teeth 

    Using your teeth to tear things open can crack or chip your teeth. Also, never use your teeth as a bottle opener. 

  9. Constant munching 

    Snacking produces less saliva and leaves behind tiny food particles that get stuck in your teeth. Avoid munching too often. 

  10. Hard brushing 

    Brushing your teeth harshly causes enamel erosion and irritation in the gum areas.  Use a soft-bristled brush instead. 

  11. Candies 

    Sugary treats like candies, sweets, cough drops, gummies, etc can get stuck in your teeth for hours and cause tooth decay. Eat sweets with meals. The saliva in your mouth washes away the residual sugar. 

  12. Tongue or lip piercing 

    Metal piercings can crack your tooth while accidentally biting down on it. The metal can also cause gum damage and lead to tooth loss. Piercings can accidentally pierce a large blood vessel and can cause severe bleeding. Contact your dentist before getting a  tongue and lip piercing.

  13. Soda 

    Sodas contain citric and phosphoric acids that destroy tooth enamel. They have 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving. 

  14. Toothpicks 

    Yes, we all love them, but using toothpicks too often can damage your tooth enamel and can scratch the surface of your teeth as well. 

  15. Drinking red wine 

    Red wine contains tannins and a deep pigment called chromogen, which helps the color stick to your teeth, thus staining them and creating rough spots.  

Do your best to keep your teeth healthy and white, and leave the rest to the Ames dentist team at Campus Town Dental to take care of your dental health. Call us if you have any queries about your oral hygiene.


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